branding contact sheets

transition to a nicer contact sheet

Adobe gives you all the tools to make your contact sheets pretty

I held a 2-hour presentation last week based on InDesign tips and tricks. My audience was an exclusive group from RGD. They were rather attentive (either that or they were bored to sleep) and many asked where they could get some of the files I showed during the session. I, of course, highlighted the keyboard shortcuts file, providing all the rationale behind the changes. I also showed some of the custom templates and settings that I use for the InDesign contact sheets that are initiated through Bridge.

Bridge is the launching pad for many script-based routines triggering other Adobe applications. Photoshop and InDesign both have contact sheets, but I find InDesign’s implementation to be much more flexible. The basic template used by the script is meant to be a starting point. The idea is for the user to make adjustments to all aspects — objects styles, paragraph styles, colours, margins, etc. Once the user has created their own template, they can replace the generic look with their own brand. keep reading