developing a plug-in or script

As some of you know, the shortcut files are based from the raw text file generated when selecting “show set” from the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog. I’ve re-worked, re-organized, and formatted the text into a more readable format.

I provide an interactive PDF, as well as the native editable InDesign document. This allows folks to make changes once they’ve come up with their own modified shortcuts. It’s not much to go through and make the changes manually but wouldn’t it be nice if a script or plug-in could generate the new file automagically (I love that word)?

The InDesign document could act as a template and have the automation feed it the changes. I had a very brief conversation with a good ol’ InDesign celeb. I hope to connect with them again in the near future because I would love to provide users with that ability.

In the meantime, if there are any serious souls out there willing to partake in working on a solution drop me a line.

shortcut files for all of CS3/CS4

Since I’ve started making these shortcut files I’ve had the occasional request for Photoshop and Illustrator. It’s quite a bit of work but I’d be willing to consider producing similar files for the other Adobe applications.

I’d appreciate any feedback on the topic. Let me know peoples… ;)