developing a plug-in or script

As some of you know, the shortcut files are based from the raw text file generated when selecting “show set” from the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog. I’ve re-worked, re-organized, and formatted the text into a more readable format.

I provide an interactive PDF, as well as the native editable InDesign document. This allows folks to make changes once they’ve come up with their own modified shortcuts. It’s not much to go through and make the changes manually but wouldn’t it be nice if a script or plug-in could generate the new file automagically (I love that word)?

The InDesign document could act as a template and have the automation feed it the changes. I had a very brief conversation with a good ol’ InDesign celeb. I hope to connect with them again in the near future because I would love to provide users with that ability.

In the meantime, if there are any serious souls out there willing to partake in working on a solution drop me a line.

shortcut files for all of CS3/CS4

Since I’ve started making these shortcut files I’ve had the occasional request for Photoshop and Illustrator. It’s quite a bit of work but I’d be willing to consider producing similar files for the other Adobe applications.

I’d appreciate any feedback on the topic. Let me know peoples… ;)

cs • switching tools within text frames

cs = customized shortcut

In hopes of keeping this silly l’il blog worth coming to, I’ve decided to make mention of the various custom shortcuts I’ve added over time. This will give all of you an idea of what and why I made the changes I did.

First stop, switching tools while still within a text frame. This was one of the very first amendments I made to my list of customized shortcuts. How many times have you been editing text and wanted to quickly switch to the Preview screen mode? Yes, I realize moving your mouse over to the Screen Mode button on the bottom of the Tools panel isn’t exactly stressful. However, being able to hit a quick shortcut to toggle saves me the grief.

I work predominantly with Mac OS X, and so I have a whole modifier key to my disposal — the Ctrl key (expecting the responses from Windows users to come in). With the Ctrl key in hand I gladly append new shortcuts to all my Tools. All of the Tools use a single character shortcut, i.e. the letter T for the Type Tool, this makes it difficult to switch out to another tool while sitting inside a text frame editing text… keep reading

added new download section

Based on some feedback I made some revisions to some areas.

relocated download link for shortcuts…

Folks were having trouble finding the download links for the shortcut file. In the shortcut section, I moved the download links to the top. I originally had them on the bottom to hopefully encourage people to read through the little blurb, but alas, there seems to be little point. If they want to read it they will. No pressure… hehe

added downloads page…

It will house all the downloads I mention in my posts. At the moment I added the shortcut files, broken down into individual elements. Based on requests, I also added the older CS2 version for the Mac and Windows users.

I’m working on updating my compact version of the shortcut file as well. Instead of the 14-page original, it’s condensed down into 7 pages. Instead of including every command, known to man, I trimmed it back to only list the commands that actually had a default shortcut assigned to them.

new home of the idcs3 shortcuts

I’ve finally set up my own website, but why did I call it

There are many great InDesign sites, and I wanted to keep InDesign in the name. I’ve created a reference document (which motivated this site) that contains all the InDesign commands and their keyboard shortcuts. The total count of commands for IDCS3 is over 1200. So, while the name might not make too much sense, hopefully the site will be join the ranks of the InDesign-prefixed greats like,,

Over the years I’ve created and evolved my little document into it current iteration. I’ve shared with peers, trainees, seminar attendees, family and friends. I’ve distributed it through file-hosting sites like, through Adobe Exchange, and most recently a dedicated page within Loop’s (current employer) website. 

Thankfully, it’s been mentioned and recognized by some of the InDesign greats, namely Tim Cole, Steve Werner, and Sebastian Distefano. The last of which I owe much gratitude for encouraging my efforts.

I was annoyed by the lack of a decent cheat sheet for the many shortcuts within InDesign. Yes, there was the Adobe InDesign CS3 Help Center, which was great. Yes, I could have InDesign generate a text file that contained all the commands. I decided to use that text file as a starting point… keep reading