added new download section

Based on some feedback I made some revisions to some areas.

relocated download link for shortcuts…

Folks were having trouble finding the download links for the shortcut file. In the shortcut section, I moved the download links to the top. I originally had them on the bottom to hopefully encourage people to read through the little blurb, but alas, there seems to be little point. If they want to read it they will. No pressure… hehe

added downloads page…

It will house all the downloads I mention in my posts. At the moment I added the shortcut files, broken down into individual elements. Based on requests, I also added the older CS2 version for the Mac and Windows users.

I’m working on updating my compact version of the shortcut file as well. Instead of the 14-page original, it’s condensed down into 7 pages. Instead of including every command, known to man, I trimmed it back to only list the commands that actually had a default shortcut assigned to them.


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  1. Vitor Vicentini on October 2nd, 2008 12:34 pm

    Thanks, you, Casey. Your work is great! When you have the CS4 version, if you want, please, send me a note and I put a post in InDesign.Brasil. Best regards. Vitor Vicentini

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